City’s Commitment
The City of Whitehall is an economically vibrant community with a mixture of commercial, retail, professional, and industrial businesses. Through job creation/retention tax credits, real property tax abatements, and other tax incentive benefits that promote private investment, reinvestment, and new business development, Whitehall is committed to attracting, retaining, and expanding business in Whitehall.

Multimodal Location
Whitehall’s location near six major interstates and highways, Port Columbus International Airport, downtown Columbus, and multiple rail systems provides businesses with immediate access to central Ohio’s transportation networks. Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to minimize costs and maximize growth because Whitehall has one of the lowest property tax rates in central Ohio as well as diverse, affordable property locations.

Single Point of Contact
A single point of contact means that we can help you navigate through the planning process with ease and reduce the time it takes for your project to get off the ground. Eliminating unnecessary delays and accelerate the plan review process are just some of the ways that the Development Department can save your business time and money.

Public & Private Partnerships
When information, ideas, needs, skills, and expertise are shared between business and civic organizations, the entire community benefits. The Development Department engages the business community and local organizations to build shared visions and promote proactive involvement in business and civic dialogue that fosters productive public and private partnerships. A great example is the Whitehall Community Improvement Corporation (WCIC). The WCIC, working with the City’s administration and Council, can award economic development grants for projects within Whitehall.