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Welcome to Whitehall Works! We’ve created this podcast to highlight the comeback story that the City of Whitehall is experiencing.

Join Zach and Jenna monthly as they host special guests from other local governments and community organizations, to talk about the many economic development related topics that are important both to Whitehall and the entire Central Ohio region. 

That’s part of the reason we named this podcast Whitehall Works. The City of Whitehall is working with a lot of different partners on transportation, affordable housing and workforce development. These are just some of the important topics that not only the City of Whitehall is working on, but everyone needs to work on.

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Latest Episode: Transportation

    Episode 5 Show Notes

    There are a number reasons why access to safe, reliable pubic transportation options offers so many opportunities for a community, not the least of which is for attracting, retaining and helping to expand local businesses.

    Transportation is also an important workforce development strategy. Developing transportation alternatives and rethinking the ways communities develop their land-use and transportation patterns can bring more jobs and talent to a community.

    Real estate development is another reason. We cover what is meant by “Smart Growth” in this episode.

    Neighborhood Economic Development is another piece of the puzzle. Quality of life factors and the development of dynamic neighborhoods has become increasingly important to businesses since this is what is important to employees.

    The health of a region and city is based on perceived strength of neighborhoods that make up a community.

    Partnership is key in economic development. Some key organizations we work with are our regional planning organization, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), as well as the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

    Whitehall is working on transportation…

    • by ensuring our developments have integrated transit
    • by being involved with the MORPC study creating bus rapid transit corridors in the Columbus region, specifically the development of East Broad Street

    We welcome Michael Loges from COTA to the podcast. He talks more about the LinkUS Mobility Corridors Initiative, including the East-West RFQ. Michael also covers…

    • Why is bus rapid transit so important for a city/region like Columbus?
    • How has COTA made adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • What other contactless transit investments has COTA made recently?
    • How as COTA/Plus ride sharing program been accepted?
    • How does affordable transit play into the quality of life for a community?

    As always, we “Kick It To The County” with our guest Alex Beres, Assistant Director at Franklin County (OH) Economic Development and Planning.

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