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Welcome to Whitehall Works! We’ve created this podcast to highlight the comeback story that the City of Whitehall is experiencing.

Join Zach and Jenna monthly as they host special guests from other local governments and community organizations, to talk about the many economic development related topics that are important both to Whitehall and the entire Central Ohio region. 

That’s part of the reason we named this podcast Whitehall Works. The City of Whitehall is working with a lot of different partners on transportation, affordable housing and workforce development. These are just some of the important topics that not only the City of Whitehall is working on, but everyone needs to work on.

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Latest Episode: Financing

    Episode 7 Show Notes

    Needless to say, “financing” is a broad term and when applied to local government and economic development, financing can have a number of implications depending on what type of organization we are attempting to attract, retain or otherwise support. 

    From the local government perspective, our main focus is helping our businesses identify and secure resources to bridge financing gaps, specifically for ventures where social and economic benefits outweigh the risk of financing.

    In this episode, we focus on how we assist businesses with finding resources to bridge their financing gaps. There are a number of resources on financing through local, state, and federal programs.

    The City of Whitehall is working on financing, too. One specific example is the newly developed Reboot Whitehall Program.

    Our guest, Kevin Goehring is our guest on this episode. He is a loan officer at the Ohio Statewide Development Corporation, a local partner that helps small businesses fill that financial gap.

    The OSDC’s mission is “to promote business investment and job creation by providing SBA 504 and Ohio 166 loans to small businesses for buildings and equipment. Sometimes that means lending directly to businesses, other times it means partnering with their existing lender. But the end result is the same: we help small businesses across Ohio secure the financing they need to grow.”

    We cover what is the SBA, when might an SBA loan be a good fit for a business, basic eligibilities and much more.

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