2 Tones Brewing Plans first taproom

2 Tones pic

A Central Ohio craft brewery expects to have a taproom of its own later this year.

Whitehall’s 2 Tones Brewing Co. opened almost two years ago, and while the local brand can be found on taps around town, its production space at 145 N. Hamilton Rd. has been for beer making only.

Owners Tony Hill and Anthony McKeivier expect to change that in 2018.

The brewers will be leasing a 3,400-square-foot building at 4539 E. Broad St. that will allow them to expand production and open a taproom so the public can come in and enjoy a pint.

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Whitehall Business Develops Concussion Prevention Technology

What started 10 years ago with an offhand comment about the head-banging woodpecker has become a simple-looking device that just might prevent the types of brain injuries that have parents wondering if they should pull their children from the athletic field.

Meet the Q Collar. The semicircular piece wraps around the sides and back of the neck, placing pressure on the jugular vein to send blood into the skull and, developers say, prevent the sloshing of the brain caused by hits to the head.

The collar, which is being sold in Canada as the Bauer NeuroShield, has its design roots in Whitehall. Take a peek inside a Priority Designs engineering lab, and you’ll see several iterations of the device — the work of a team headed by Jamison Float, senior biomedical engineer at the South Hamilton Road firm.

“It’s probably one of the most, if not the most, significant thing I will have ever worked on,” Float said. “I would like to see it on every kid that’s playing a sport that could potentially cause brain injury.”

Hopes are that the collar will reduce incidents of traumatic brain injury in athletes and members of the military, said Tom Hoey, co-founder of Connecticut-based Q30 Innovations, the company that is bringing the Q Collar to the market. Approval by the federal Food and Drug Administration is needed before the collar can be sold in the United States.


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YMCA partners with Whitehall for New Facility

An old activity building at Whitehall Community Park is in for a major overhaul that will turn it into a community gathering place with craft space, a kitchen and an “airnasium.”

The city announced a partnership with the YMCA of Central Ohio Tuesday to renovate and expand the building and make it a hub for recreation, learning and the arts. It’s a $5.5 million project.

As we reported last month, the city has a new master plan for the park that includes expanding it from 60 acres to 85 acres.

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Nonprofit: Older folks make good workers

Anyone could use a little assistance when looking for work, but older job-seekers might find particular challenges in their search. That’s why a new Whitehall-based nonprofit organization provides help for those 50 years and older who are searching for a new career. Employment for Seniors Inc. opened in late April at its new location in the lobby of First Commonwealth Bank, 4300 E. Broad St. The independent nonprofit provides assistance to people 50 and older who live in Franklin County or contiguous counties in finding jobs. But the organization also works to show business leaders how older workers could benefit their companies. “We also strive to make employers aware of the value of hiring senior citizens,” said Carol Ventresca, executive director of Employment for Seniors. That value can come in the form of experience and work ethic, she said. Clients range from those seeking full-time jobs needed for living expenses to those seeking part-time jobs to stay active or supplement an existing income, Ventresca said. “We help seniors to be good job-seekers,” she said. Staff members help seniors with networking, preparing resumes and oftentimes with finding jobs in the digital, online world unfamiliar to some seniors, Ventresca said. Last year, Employment for Seniors added about 880 new clients; it currently has about 5,000, Ventresca said.


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Mark F. Taggart Co. lands key tenant for Whitehall industrial building


Gail Martineau, City of Whitehall

Mark F. Taggart Co. has landed a pair of key tenants for industrial buildings in Whitehall and Gahanna, one of the leases filling a spec property in Gahanna.

The Columbus real estate firm signed the first tenant for its Air South Commerce Center under construction in Whitehall, with Continental Auto Parts LLC taking 50,000 square feet of the 140,000-square-foot building.

“They are going to be distributing high-quality aftermarket auto parts,” President Mark Taggart said. “They’re new to Columbus.”

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Thisweek Community News: ‘This is Whitehall’ New Gateway Will Declare

Construction began last week on a 100-foot landscaped median designed to prop up Whitehall‘s standing in the eyes of visitors and businesses.

Work is underway on the median in the center of East Main Street between Collingwood and Maplewood avenues.

The 3-foot-tall structure will feature signs at each end that are visible to motorists entering and exiting the city from Columbus, specifically designed to create the distinction, Development Director Zach Woodruff said.

The purpose of the gateway, at the city’s western border with Columbus, is twofold.

It serves as both a clear boundary and a means to further bolster Whitehall’s economic opportunities, Woodruff said.

Secondly, it will help further development in Whitehall, he said.

“The city does not create (private-sector) jobs, but rather it creates the environment where it is attractive for businesses to bring the jobs,” Woodruff said.


Whitehall Gateway Final with Landscape 2015-03-10s14_01


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The Columbus Dispatch: 3 surburban projects closer to new economic-development loans

Water lines in Marble Cliff, road work in Whitehall and fiber-optics in Upper Arlington probably will be the first recipients of a county loan program to help economic-development projects get over the financial hump.

The Franklin County Infrastructure Bank advisory board approved all three projects on Tuesday. County commissioners must give the final approval.

“They all look good, and I would be shocked if they don’t receive it,” Commissioner John O’Grady said. “Staff was very high on them.”

”I can tell you that without this funding, this project would not go forward,” said Zach Woodruff, Whitehall’s director of development and public service.

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