The City of Whitehall Economic Development Department looks forward to working directly with you and your business, whether you want to launch, expand or locate in the City. Incentive programs include:

  • Diverse Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program
  • Payroll tax incentives
  • Direct redevelopment grants for infrastructure and capital needs (in some cases)

Whitehall has a strong relationship with Columbus 2020 and the State of Ohio and its partners to match your business with access to state-level assistance in the form of tax credits and low-interest loans to help continue to lower the cost of doing business in Whitehall.

Finally, the Whitehall Economic Development Department can provide an unmatched level of support to streamline the planning process and reduce the time it takes for your project to get off the ground. Eliminating unnecessary delays and accelerating the plan-review process are just some of the ways that the Whitehall Economic Development Department can save your business time and money.