Nonprofit: Older folks make good workers

Anyone could use a little assistance when looking for work, but older job-seekers might find particular challenges in their search. That’s why a new Whitehall-based nonprofit organization provides help for those 50 years and older who are searching for a new career. Employment for Seniors Inc. opened in late April at its new location in the lobby of First Commonwealth Bank, 4300 E. Broad St. The independent nonprofit provides assistance to people 50 and older who live in Franklin County or contiguous counties in finding jobs. But the organization also works to show business leaders how older workers could benefit their companies. “We also strive to make employers aware of the value of hiring senior citizens,” said Carol Ventresca, executive director of Employment for Seniors. That value can come in the form of experience and work ethic, she said. Clients range from those seeking full-time jobs needed for living expenses to those seeking part-time jobs to stay active or supplement an existing income, Ventresca said. “We help seniors to be good job-seekers,” she said. Staff members help seniors with networking, preparing resumes and oftentimes with finding jobs in the digital, online world unfamiliar to some seniors, Ventresca said. Last year, Employment for Seniors added about 880 new clients; it currently has about 5,000, Ventresca said.


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