Craft beer: Childhood friends creating a brewery

Craft beer comes to Whitehall: In the cramped office in a Whitehall industrial park, the aspirations of Anthony McKeivier and Tony Hill are stacked in a pyramid atop a wooden desk.

Cardboard six-pack bottle totes rise to the ceiling: Columbus Brewing, Fat Head’s Brewery, SweetWater Brewing, Founders Brewing, Great Divide Brewing, Victory Brewing.

“That’s research and development,” McKeivier said.

Hill, 28, and McKeivier, 29, childhood friends who grew up in Circleville, hope that future fledgling beer makers construct shrines that includes their brand, 2 Tones Brewing Co.

They incorporated 2 Tones in July and have spent the months since finding a space to brew in, buying equipment, lining up financing and figuring out how to take beer-making, which they have done at home for six years, from hobby to business.

They have a small, five-barrel system but are still waiting on delivery of three five-barrel fermentation tanks. Counting the cost of equipment, leasing space, ingredients and odds and ends, Hill and McKeivier have $100,000 invested in their startup.


Read the full story in ‘The Dispatch’ here.

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